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Online FLAC Converter

Using our online audio converter tool, you can quickly and easily convert FLAC files. You can convert audio to FLAC or convert FLAC to a range of other audio file formats such as AAC, MP3, WMA, M4A, OGG, and AIFF. Our FLAC converter is 100% free to use, respects user's privacy, doesn't require any user registration, and doesn't impose any limits other than the file size. A ll your files are deleted automatically from our servers within one hour of conversion.

How to Convert FLAC

If you wish to convert audio to FLAC or convert FLAC to other audio formats, then the process is very simple and straightforward using our online FLAC converter. Here's the process:

Step 1: Using the upload box at the top of this page, browse and select (or drag and drop) the audio file which you wish to converter.

Step 2: Select the output format of the audio file, which is the new format that you want to convert it to.

Step 3: Press the Convert button. Our FLAC converter tool will automatically convert the audio file to the selected output format. Once it's done, the download button will appear.

What is FLAC?

First things first, FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec file. It is an open-source audio compression format which is used to compress an audio file to a smaller size – almost half of its original size. 

What makes FLAC files better than MP3 and M4P files is the fact that these files make use of the lossless algorithm. This means that the quality of the audio file is not compromised during the entire compression process.

These files first made their presence felt in 2001 as an open-source alternative to other lossless formats prevalent at that point in time. The other big players of that time include Apple Lossless (ALAC) and Waveform Audio Format (WAV). However, each of these file formats had their own shortcomings. While ALAC was majorly sued by iPod and iPhone users, WAV format was popular but its file sizes were very large and it was unable to retain any tag data. 

This is when FLAC file formats changed the entire scenario. It was not only able to retain tag data – lyrics, artist, and album name and so on, but it was also compatible with a range of Apple devices.

How to Open a FLAC File

A FLAC file can be easily opened through VLC player. This is because VLC not only supports FLAC but a range of other audio and video formats as well. 

That said, you can open a FLAC file with almost all media files. In the worst scenario, you might need an additional plugin or extension to be installed. 

FLAC Advantages

  • Compatible with a range of devices, operating systems, and software
  • Open source file format
  • Lossless format of storing audio files
  • Fast decoding
  • Smaller file sizes
  • Supports replay gain and cue-sheet
  • Supports high-resolution streaming

FLAC Disadvantages

  • Compression is less efficient when compared to other modern alternatives